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Lunch: Monday – Friday 11:30-2:00 p.m.

Cocktails: Beginning 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, 5:30 Saturday

Dinner: Monday through Wednesday: 5:30-9:00 Thursday through Saturday: 5:30-9:30

Brunch: Sunday: 10:30-1:30

Reservations not required but recommended.

A Taste of Korea: June 23rd 2017

Location: The Wagner Room

Join us for an evening filled with delicious traditional/inspired Korean dishes made from the freshest ingredients your favorite local farmers have to offer.

Friday, June 23rd 2017
6:30 p.m.
Wagner Room
$45 per person*

Please make your reservations by noon Wednesday, June 21st.
Call 336.370.1266 today as this is a limited seating event.


Banchan – Side Dishes

Marninated Perilla Leaves
Kimbap – Korean Sushi
Gim-gui – Roasted Seaweed
Hobak-Bokkeum – Stir fried Zucchini
Kkakadugi – Cubed Radish Kimchi
Tongbaechu Kimchi – Cabbage Kimchi
Gyeran-mari – Rolled Egg
Kongnamul Muchim – Seasoned Soy Bean Sprouts
Oi Muchim – Spicey Cucumber

Plated Courses

Saeu Doenjang Jjigae – Shrimp-Soup
Bibim Naengmyeon – Cold noodles with Beef
Dweji Bulgogi – Pork BBQ with Lettuce Wraps

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